Frequently Asked Questions

What is Patchmania?

Patchmania is a delightful new puzzle game for iOS that features hundreds of tricky and original puzzles, addictive touch controls, and adorable little bunnies! In Patchmania, a brave little bunny named Calvin leads his friends on a journey through Pitchfork Farms, seeking revenge on Farmer Lester for cutting down their forest home. You help the bunnies devour Lester's crops by drawing paths with your finger through his vegetable patches. Your goal is to reunite the bunnies and clear each patch without leaving any vegetables behind! Patchmania is available for free on the iTunes App Store.

What do I need to play Patchmania?

You can play Patchmania on any Apple iPhone or iPad that is running iOS 9.3 or later.

How can I learn to play the game?

Patchmania is very easy to pick up and play. The in-game tutorial will teach you the basics during the early levels, and the puzzles gradually get harder and introduce new ideas as you go. However, if you're the kind of player who likes to read the instructions first, we also have a “How to Play” summary included with the game – simply tap on the little gear icon on the game's title screen to view the game settings, and then choose “How to Play.” The main thing you need to be good at Patchmania is a keen mind, determination, and a love of cute cartoon bunnies!

I'm stuck on a level. Can I get a hint?

When you're stuck on a level, tap the lightbulb icon near the top right corner of the screen. The lightbulbs give the bunnies a stroke of genius, and they will give you a hint. You can use multiple hints during a level without losing any stars or lives.

How do I get more hints?

Patchmania comes with a few free hints so you can try them out. Once you've used them up, you can buy more hints from right inside the game, or swap coins that you've collected for free hints! You can also earn a few more hints for sharing the game with your friends (using the “Share Patchmania” button on the settings screen, or by sharing your score after a level using the “Share” button in the top left corner of the score screen).

What are the coins for & how do I find them?

Farmer Lester doesn't trust banks or his neighbors, so he buried his gold coins in his fields! Collect Lester's coins and swap them for free hints and lives! You can find some coins by simply playing the levels and tapping on them when they pop out of the ground, and you can earn even more by watching opt-in video ads whenever you see the red “Earn Coins” button at the bottom of your screen!

How can I make the bunnies eat faster?

Tap on any bunny once it's moving to “insta-move” to its destination and explode lots of vegetables with a satisfying chain reaction!

Why did I lose a life?

There are several ways you can lose a life in Patchmania: by getting stuck after making the wrong moves; leaving behind more than 2 vegetables; abandoning a level after already drawing a path.

How do I get more lives?

In Patchmania, lives regenerate for free over time. However, if you're like us, and don't like waiting, you can buy an instant refill once you run out of lives! You can also earn free life refills by collecting enough of Farmer Lester's gold coins and then swapping them for coins! Lastly, if you never want to run out of lives, you can make a one-time purchase for unlimited lives.

How do I unlock more level packs?

The main story level packs are unlocked by collecting stars for completing earlier levels. The number of stars required to unlock each pack are shown on the padlock icon while the pack is still locked. You can earn up to 3 stars for beating each level. However, if you'd like to skip ahead, tapping on the level pack will give you the option to unlock the pack early for a small price. After the campaign, there are also some special “bonus” level packs (some free and some paid). The bonus packs contain some of the best (and the hardest) puzzles, and are not to be missed! You can buy the level packs one at a time, or save money by unlocking all the packs in one go with a single purchase. Patchmania comes with 925 levels – there's a lot to see!

If I pay to unlock all the levels, will I get future level updates for free?

Yes. If you bought all the Patchmania level packs in one go, we will apply this purchase to any future level packs that we may release. When we say “Unlock All,” we mean it!

Can I skip levels?

Unlike most games, in Patchmania you don't have to play the levels in strict order within each level pack. If you get stuck or want to skip ahead to something else, go ahead!

Does Patchmania save my progress?

Patchmania saves your progress on your device, and can also sync your progress to Apple's iCloud. To turn on iCloud sync, you need to be signed in to iCloud on your device, and have iCloud Sync turned on in the game's settings (it's on by default). With iCloud sync enabled, if you have more than one iOS device, you can play Patchmania on all of them, and your combined progress will automatically sync between your devices! This lets you play Patchmania on any of your devices, and pickup the game where you left off.

I got a new iPhone! How can I restore my previous game progress?

If you turn on iCloud Sync while playing Patchmania, your game progress will be stored on iCloud, and will automatically sync to any new device that is signed in with the same Apple ID! Your game progress in Patchmania is also backed up whenever you backup your device(s) using iTunes or iCloud, and can be restored in the usual way through iTunes.

How can I reset my progress?

Tap the little gear icon on the game's title screen to access Patchmania's settings. Then tap “Game Progress,” and finally tap “Reset Progress.” Please be aware that resetting your progress cannot be undone, and the reset will be synced to any other iOS devices you have that have Patchmania installed. Resetting your progress will remove all your stars and achievements, but any level packs that you've bought will remain unlocked after reset. You also won't lose any hints by resetting your progress.

Help! I lost my game progress. What happened?

Unfortunately Apple recently made some changes to how their iCloud service works that had negative consequences for our app: they introduced a new method of two-factor authentication (2FA) and required users to re-login to iCloud when upgrading to the latest versions of iOS. This change caused our code to think that a different person (with a different iCloud account) had started playing the game, and as a result, the code would clear your progress to avoid mixing what it thought was someone else's past play data with your own. Obviously, this was not what should have happened, and the code was not clever enough to handle this unanticipated case properly. We're terribly sorry if you were affected by this bug. Unfortunately, if it happened to you, there's no way to get your past progress back. The bug is fixed in Patchmania v1.5.4, which you should download now to stop this from potentially happening again.

My lives aren't refilling. What's wrong?

This problem is caused by a bug in iOS - specifically a system technology called the Keychain - where data can unexpectedly become inaccessible to the app, and can only be fixed by a device restart. When this happens, among other things, the game cannot check how many lives you have, or when they are supposed to refill. Apple has not fully resolved this bug yet, and so the latest version of Patchmania (v1.5.4) no longer uses the iOS Keychain. If you are affected by this bug, simply upgrade to the latest version of the game, and this problem should disappear.

How do I restore my previous purchases?

Tap the little gear icon on the game's title screen to access Patchmania's settings. Then tap “Game Progress,” and finally tap “Restore Purchases.” This will unlock any level packs you've bought before. Please note that previous purchases will not transfer across Apple IDs unless iTunes Family Sharing is setup (this requires iOS 8). Apple does not allow purchases like hints and lives, which get used up, to be restored or transferred between devices.

How do I turn off the sounds?

If you need to discreetly play Patchmania without hearing Otto's loud farts and burps, the easiest thing to do is use the switch on the side of your device to toggle silent mode. Alternatively, if you only want to silence the game and not your device, tap the little gear icon on the game's title screen to access Patchmania's settings. Then tap the musical note icon in the top right corner to turn the game music on/off, or tap the speaker icon to turn sound effects on/off.

How do I turn off vibration?

When playing Patchmania on the iPhone, your phone will vibrate whenever you “insta-move” the bunnies and explode chains of food. To change this, tap the little gear icon on the game's title screen to access Patchmania's settings, and then tap the little vibration icon at the top of the settings screen to turn vibration on/off.

How does your company make money?

Patchmania is free to download, and you can play the entire campaign (hundreds of puzzles!) without having to buy anything. However, we also offer in-app purchases for puzzle hints, refilling lives, and unlocking level packs. The latest version of Patchmania also lets you earn coins that you can swap for free lives & hints by watching opt-in rewarded video ads. Finally, for players who have played the game for a while for free, Patchmania will occasionally show unobtrusive and family-friendly banner ads. If you enjoy Patchmania, we hope you'll decide to support future development of the game by buying something in the app, or telling your friends about the game!

How do I remove the banner ads?

We've tried to make our banner ads as unobtrusive and family-friendly as possible, and only show them to players who have played the game for a while for free. However, we realize that not everybody likes to see ads. Making any in-app purchase (with real money, not Lester's coins) in Patchmania will remove the banner ads permanently, and will also help support future development on the game!

How can I earn achievements in the game?

Patchmania uses Apple's Game Center for achievements and leaderboards, and it is enabled by default. To earn achievements, you may need to create a Game Center account and/or login to Game Center if you haven't done so before. Some of the achievements in Patchmania are secret (you have to discover them for yourself!), and others you can read about in advance by tapping the little trophy icon on the game's title screen to open Game Center. If you've canceled Game Center setup multiple times, the only way to enable it again on your device is to sign into Game Center using Apple's separate Game Center app (included with iOS).

Why do some level packs need to download before I can play them?

We know that disk space on your iOS device is precious, and your cellular data plan, if you have one, may be limited and expensive. To be considerate, we decided to keep the basic Patchmania app as small as possible, and to not bundle any of the paid level pack content with the initial free download from the App Store. This saves disk space for you until you decide to buy the paid bonus packs, and means you don't have to wait as long to download the game and start playing!

Help! I can't download one of the bonus packs.

If Patchmania is unable to download a bonus pack, you should see an error icon appear over the pack in the level pack screen. If you tap on the pack, the game will tell you what's wrong. The most likely reason is that you don't have an Internet connection, or that you've run out of disk space. The bonus pack downloads are only a few megabytes in size, so if you've run out of space on your device, it should be easy to free up some more space by deleting some apps you no longer use, or removing some unwanted photos.

Help! I encountered a problem or bug.

If you're stuck or have a problem, please use the “Send Feedback” feature on the app's settings screen – we're happy to help and will try our best to respond promptly.

If you want to , please be sure to include steps we can follow to reproduce the bug. We appreciate your help improving Patchmania!