About Patchmania

Farmer Lester has destroyed your forest home… and now it’s time for bunny revenge! Lead a brave little bunny named Calvin, and his adorable furry friends, on a rampage through Pitchfork Farms.

Devour Lester’s crops, and put him out of business by drawing paths with your finger through his carefully planted vegetable patches. Patchmania is a delightful new puzzle game that features 925 original puzzles, and animation so cute you won’t be able to put it down! Keep your bunnies chomping away and eat all of Lester’s vegetables to get the highest score!

Easy path drawing controls, and a gradual difficulty progression, make Patchmania fun for anyone to pick up and play.

Making Patchmania

Patchmania was in development for over 2 years before its release, and many prototypes were built before we settled on the final game design. We play tested and refined the game with members of the public since the first month of development, which helped us perfect the game’s controls, and every aspect of the user interface and player experience.

About Little Details

Little Details' first product was an innovative and top-ranked flight tracker app for iOS called Just Landed® that launched in June 2012. Just Landed has been featured by Apple numerous times on the iTunes App Store, and enjoyed widespread coverage by major technology and travel press news outlets.

Patchmania launched in March 2015, has been featured on the iTunes App Store in “Best New Games,” “Best of March,” “Exclusively on iOS,” and reached the #1 spot in both the Puzzle and Board Game categories. To date, Patchmania has been played by millions of people worldwide, and is available for download in 13 different languages.

Little Details is 100% indie and bootstrapped. Our tiny team is made up of game industry and startup veterans. We’re primarily based in New Jersey, but we also have team members in California, Ohio, Massachusetts, and the UK!